WooReer is a WooCommerce shipping rates calculator that allows you to easily offer shipping rates based on the distance.

  • Different shipping table rates for each shipping zone.
  • Unlimited rows for each shipping table rates.
  • Advanced shipping rules for each rate row: Distance, Order Quantity, Order Amount.
  • Advanced total cost calculation for each rate row: Flat, Flexible, Discount, Surcharge, Min/Max Cost.
  • Set shipping rate row priority.
  • Set shipping origin location as coordinate or address.
  • Set distance unit: Mile, Kilometer.
  • Set travel mode: Driving, Walking, Bicycling.
  • Set preferred route: Shortest Distance, Longest Distance, Shortest Duration, Longest Duration.
  • Set route restrictions: Avoid Tolls, Avoid Highways, Avoid Ferries, Avoid Indoor.
  • Show distance info to the customer during checkout.